just a week ago
over 75 people from the bay area
filled our home
with pre-holiday cheer
as my friend kellie and i hosted
our first
a local and global holiday experience.


seven friends became vendors for the day
to sell their homemade art and goods
for a worthy cause.


knitted items made by bhutanese refugee women.
chocolate truffles and cocoa sold with 100% proceeds given away.
bracelets made with recycled glass by ghanaian women.
baby knitted items, artwork, blankets, skincare, books, totes and more.


together we rallied around local artists and friends
 to make a global impact.
and what a difference we made, san francisco!

because you bought chocolate truffles and cocoa,

Compassion International will receive $89
Wounded Warrior Project will receive $34
and Nuru will receive $40.
$1000 was made to help the bhutanese refugee women.
32 mosquito nets purchased to give to families in ghana.
over $250 will be given to A Woman's Place because you bought totes and bags and bracelets and ornaments.
kellie and i and our families are grateful for your compliments and your support of this event to buy local and give global.
i still have the beautiful kairos bracelets ($35)
and ornaments ($15),
as well as, The Same Page book on sale.
please email me at for purchase & pick up.
mark your calendars next year
saturday before thanksgiving!
marketplace. 2013.
[photos courtesy of sheryl brisbane]