marketplace {an annual gift to my city and our world}

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i love Christmas.

and i love how we celebrate it in many merry different ways.

we re-imagine the past.

we soak up the lights, sounds, and the spirit of the present.

and as for me, i'm already in the season!

it's been a tradition of mine since college days to start the season

october 25 by listening to Christmas music.

some of you are LOVING this idea and the rest of you are rolling your eyes.

we'll all be on the same page by black friday or at the very latest Christmas eve with our holiday tunes!

an amazing discovery is quickly becoming a new favorite tradition though...

Marketplace logo

yes. marketplace.

i host it at our home and invite everyone in our city

to come and shop from local vendors by

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buying local and global products

and in return, give back to charities, global causes, and those in need.

it's a beautiful picture of supporting one another.

of saying, "what you make, matters."

it's the spirit of giving.

of saying, "what i give you has meaning and generational value."

it's what we say to our city.

"we're going to care for you in the best way possible."

it's what we say to our world.

"you are intelligent, loved, and have purpose."

though this is quickly becoming a new favorite tradition for me to give back to my city and our world,

it can become yours too!

if you live in the bay area, make plans to come by.

november 16

2-5 pm

consider this your invite: marketplace invitation

but also consider gathering vendors and artisans in the places you call home

and creating a marketplace that showcases your city, your people, your cultures.

the best part will be writing in a few weeks to tell you how many mosquito nets were purchased and how many rescued girls in ghana will receive presents this Christmas.

to tell you that women in india, africa, oakland, and san francisco will smile a little bigger this Christmas because my neighbors, school friends, church friends, and new friends blessed them so.

well, let me get back to my carols and planning.

"it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

and if you want to learn more about how you can do marketplace, leave a comment.
click here to take a peek into last year's marketplace.
{marketplace logo done by mary rickles and i don't do this alone. san francisco friend, kellie mccord, does at least half!}