merry + bright

going home for Christmas is as nostalgic as it seems and i believe more so with age.


this year we traveled to louisiana and the closer we got, the more we talked about the good food we would eat and the collective noise we'd share with ten kids under the age of ten and nine adults.

all was merry + bright!

 [pumpkin cream cheese muffins]

 [emily's famous chocolate chip cookies]

[emma and brendan]

[jonah and asher and elijah]

[chicken enchiladas]

[kids at lincoln parish park]

[happy will]

[stuffed mushrooms]

[pizza rolls]

[southwest eggrolls]

[lee and lindsey's tradition of gifting the kids books] 

[will - an early reader]

[erin sharing her love for reading with miles]

 [spending time with gj was the 'bright' part of our trip]

 [homemade cream, hot chocolate, and chocolate bark]

all was merry + bright!