Mini Park

I go to the park to find rest.
To pull away from fast paced traffic.
To escape tall buildings and concrete.
To seek nature and smell the eucalyptus.
To watch the boys run uninhibited and free.

We discovered this park just minutes before meeting a family for pizza at a local neighborhood place. We looked to the right and saw the sign 'Mini Park.'

We looked to the left and saw a new breath-taking view of our city.
What I go and seek seems far too minimal in comparison to what my God desires to show and teach me.
I look one way and see what is temporal.
I see the present.
I see only a glimpse of time.
the beauty in going and seeking is that God is always there.
He shows me the breath-taking views!
It's fresh.
It's new.
It has eternal purpose.
And the part I still can't fully grasp is that the mini park and the breath-taking view include me. I am very much in the present, being human, needing rest.
I am
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also here with purpose, in the midst of a crowded city, and God sees me.