mommies need each other.

this monumental life stage requires support.

 through epic, we've started a mom's small group this fall.

the children are taken care of in our home by some fabulous ladies which gives us moms an hour all to ourselves in another room!

one thing we've collectively concluded this fall:

there's something about being a mom.

there's something else about being a mom in the city.

there's something about being moms in the city together.

we've seen loneliness leave a woman's soul.

we've witnessed the power of prayer.

we've met for playdates throughout the city and in our homes.

we've looked into each others' eyes and said,

"you can do this," and "we care for you." 

we've read truths from the Bible and experienced 'ah-ha' moments that saturated our deepest hurts and deepest desires.

we recently gathered in our home for

mommy and me crafts and cookies.

together with our kids we made an ornament and a Christmas card. the kids made an edible Christmas tree and I read the Christmas story.

it's in the togetherness, when without words, we seem to say to one another,

"i'm glad we have each other here."

epic will have two mom small groups in the spring. i'm grateful for the growth and the new friendships. if you or someone you know wants to be a part, please let me know.