my gift to you {an adoption gift}

the words, thank you, fall short when i think about you walking with us on this journey to bring kavita home.

the countless prayers.

the consistent comments.

the texts throughout the day and the night at times.

checking in on us.

sweet gifts.

anonymous letters.

and the journey is far from over.

we now get to display this love we have for her and introduce her to Jesus.

hopefully, she will get to meet you, her prayer warrior, her friend.

but she will never be able to fully grasp all that has taken place the past 3 years.

yet i will try, for the Scriptures record countless times when God tells one generation to tell the other generation about all He has done.

so for you, i give you this gift. a remembering walk through the past 3 years in our journey to bring home kavita.

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