my mom doesn't blog. she cracks me up with her texting. yet for years, she's been speaking to my heart and no telling how many hundreds of others in Bible studies, casual conversation, and alongside my dad in ministry.
she spoke to me through a quick email just the other day.
it's easy for me to give and receive great advice from authors, speakers, and people that are just a few steps ahead of me. I am like a sponge more so these days as we are finding ourselves in many adventurous, unknown scenarios.
my mom gently reminded me today that all is good, as long as I am 'SEEKING HIS COUNSEL.' she adds, "wisest thing to do by far." i am arriving at the conclusion that because our generation is connected at so many levels, mostly through technology, we can give and receive more information than ever before. but because we can gain so much information just by tweeting, kindling, facebooking, texting, and googling, we often fill our minds full that we leave very little room for the Spirit of God to teach us.
who said what and what who said is what we want to know! (that's clever, huh? that came from my head late tonight. it might not even make sense to you, but it's deep to me!) read it again.
with this being said, reading every parenting book is not going to make me a great parent. talking to church planters is not going to guarantee a successful church plant in the city. giving pre-marital counseling doesn't mean our marriage is completely selfless and happy.
so I am reminded to seek Him first.
thanks, mom.