new year's prayers {what to do with this year's Christmas cards}

new year's prayers...


nieces and nephews.

friends from far away.

college friends.

neighbors who just moved in.

their cards have come to you.

telling you their year in review.

what's to become of them

when you've oohed and aahed over how they've grown

and stand in awe of what the year has shown?



gather them up

and punch a hole

attach a book ring

and a label that reads "Christmas 2013."


now keep it somewhere visible as the new year begins

for now it's time to specifically pray for your family and friends.


wanting to create an environment where we talk to God just like we would a Father

the boys choose a card and their sweet prayers for you they offer.

when we pray for you, we often ask for God's wisdom,

that He would give you favor this year to come,

and that you would be brave to risk much for Him and His Kingdom.

in the form of a baby, God has come near to us.
therefore, the Christmas season should launch us towards a new year of hope and purpose.