noble {a movie that will change you}

  noble 1


i've been invited alongside this film to cheer on what causes change in us for the better, but more than that, what causes change in this world, in the lives of the least of these for the better.

take a look...

[tentblogger-youtube k1viEMFGPa8]

christina noble is like many of us. she wrestles with God, yet doesn't give up on Him.

if your heart is stirred or broken for






this film is the nudge you need to move you.

to spur you on as you chase after what God has called you to do.

noble 3


if you've ever prayed, "i need to know You're still there."

or "have You forgotten me completely?"

or "i'll walk. You lead."

then make time to see this film. it will do more than grab your heart. it will propel you forward!

noble 2

please share this post with others through social media. look for the listing closest to you for May 8 and go support this film. we are a visual generation. and often it's what our eyes see that draw out the change we need to be. we each have a part to play in the Story that God is writing for mankind. so do something today that aligns with what breaks your heart and ultimately His heart.

{while this is a true story and an inspirational one, i chose not to let my 7, 9, or 11 year olds see this film because of sexual content and language}