non-glamorous {monday day dates}

i actually prefer the non-glamorous ones.

expectations are low. cost typically is too.

while it's not zip lining from the redwood canopies or trying sea urchin for the very first time,

it's low key and that can be absolutely perfect.

 this isn't just any ceasar salad and pizza.

it's tony's.

and to san franciscans, that means something.

ben and i haven't been here, just the two of us, since the early days of calling this place home.

in fact, today we were reminiscing of taking a bus here and not exactly sure when to get off!

i also commented about the reality of the scents of the city choking us in the past, but now the smells are...well, normal.

this time, we gambled a bit and parked in a parking spot that technically had a construction zone sign on the curb. living dangerously, i know.

this is the best magharita pizza on the planet. and tony is a world-renown genius when it comes to pizza.

as i was in another local boutique last week, i was talking with the shop owner who told me a really cool story about tony.

a new restaurant was under construction across the street from tony's pizza.

while the work was going on, tony would send over pizzas to the crew.

that makes this local smile!

{i could greatly divert here and say how valuable it is to get to know the service people and shop owners in your town, but that's in my book and i know you're reading it!}


then we went across the street to an original hat store. we know that a friend who has visited from missouri bought a hat here and our worship pastor friend has too. since ben will need a hat in india, we stopped in.


it only helped the experience that i watched downton abbey last night. for a moment, i forget our purpose for being there.  immediately i was shopping for a hat that i would need for my outing to london with lady mary crowley.

oh wait. ben needs me. back to his needs!


i chatted with the gal helping with our purchase...

we were in the original store and there's now more in the bay area and around the country.

doesn't ben look swell!? it fits him.

these non-glamorous dates have me laughing hard and often.

and like my pastor husband spoke of on sunday, you reap what you sow.

connection isn't a guarantee simply because we're married to each other.

connection takes quality time together.

the glamorous and the non-glamorous.

since our last {monday day date} we have had 2 court hearings! 
i don't know how many more of these dates we will have before these dates 
become 3 of us on mondays together. the latest adoption post here.