why were these ornaments in such organized disarray?
every one of them wrapped in random bits and pieces of paper and cloth.
yet tossed about so.
then i remembered.
last year we moved to a new place in the city on december 26 and the last thing to go back for were the Christmas decorations. hence, organized disarray.
this year most of the tree was adorned by 10 hands, but as they took off for bath time, i hung a final few.
i lingered over the box and caught myself with this thought...
would she be with us to decorate next year?
would we at least know her name and our travel date?
might ben hold her up to hang the star so very high?
oh to tell her the memories of the ornaments!
to give her her very own.
i hung the little girl ornament made from recycled glass and Ghanian hands. my tangible that God loves and cares and never takes His eyes off His children.
we hang the wooden star from nicaragua which traveled home by worn and used servant hands.
ben and i reminisce of our honeymoon to new hampshire almost 12 years ago. the ornament that has hung consistently on various trees year to year.
nothing shines brighter on the tree than that of the homemade kind. the kind that smile back. the priceless kind.
our travels come back to life during the Christmas season as we rejoice where we've lived. where we've served.
what we've seen and experienced.
and low on the tree hangs a simple ornament.
tangible of travels past.
tangible of the homemade kind by indian hands.
a tangible to give our daughter of her culture.
oh to travel there again real soon.
what is your favorite ornament? 
share your favorite in the comment box and i will choose one of you to send a recycled glass ornament made by ghanian hands.*
*post deadline is saturday, december 15. retail value $15. a fair trade gift. 
all proceeds go back to ghana.