Our baby's first birthday

In addition to the birth of our Savior, us Pilgreens do lots of celebrating this season! Sam's birthday comes at Thanksgiving, our anniversary is in the middle of December, and we thought we'd add one more a year ago...the birth of our baby boy, Asher!

Ben and I know that he will tell us when he gets older that he is not enjoying these December birthdays, so as we begin his birthday celebrations, we are doing our very best to wrap gifts in birthday paper and decorate cakes in anything other than red and green.

On this his first birthday, we celebrated with cousins and family in Calhoun, LA. He was somewhat clean with his first cake eating...at least compared to his older brothers. He has been such a delight and joy this past year. Asher is filled with laughter, lots of cuddles, and very laidback.

There is one thing that he didn't get for his birthday that he hopes he gets for Christmas...his two front teeth! (seriously!) Mom and dad are asking for that for him as well!