City life forces many experiences upon this 30 year plus suburbanian mom.
One would be parallel parking.
Nowadays, (I write as if I am some type of parking expert!) me and Sam work together to accomplish this on a daily basis.
Here's how it goes:
I look for a spot.
"Sam, do you think I'll fit?" I say, looking back over my shoulders to get his response.
"I don't know, mom. I think we're too big." Sam guesses.
"Ugh...," I shrug and move on for another.
After a few minutes of searching, Sam says, "Mom, I wish we had one of those Smart Cars."
"I know, Sam, but that would mean we couldn't have 3 boys."
"Oh, well, nevermind," Sam replies.
I find a spot.
"Mom, be careful," Sam says with a tiny bit of panic.
"Okay, boys, no talking, while I back up!" (Yep. Still to this day.)
A silence now falls over the interior of the minivan.
I am now just halfway in the spot.
"Sam, hop out and help me," I say.
Sam gets on the sidewalk.
I roll down the passenger window.
"Okay, mom, keep coming back," Sam speaks with authority.
"Are you sure?"
Sam uses his hands to show me how much space I have between me and the car behind me.
"Keep coming. Keep coming. Just a little bit. Okay, stop!" Sam directs.
"Good, mom!" Sam affirms me.
An open parking spot is a hard to find. If it's free, it's a dream come true. If I can park in it, it's miracle.
Our values have shifted and changed somewhat in the past few years. We never thought about parking in our 'former life!' Keeping coins in the van was rare, now it's a necessity for the meters. To hear the boys say:
"Mom, did you turn your wheels to the curb?"
"Are you brakes on?"
"How much time do we have on the meter?"
We know our values have shifted from suburbia to city to fit how we live.
Some values are constant regardless of our geographical location. We are to be consistent in how we live out these values like our faith and our family. But it's in the changes that keep us fresh and 'on our toes' as to what's going on around us.
Parking and all...