pilgreen family playbook

we're the crazy ones that make a playbook to keep our sanity.

ben tells me front end pain is better than back end pain.

i'm starting to believe it and see it work itself out in our family rhythm.


the playbook is a set of guidelines to keep us accountable to one another and to keep us focused on what really matters.

take a look. i'd love for you to see how this intentionality can relate to your tribe and build structure that affects your work, home, hobbies, vacations, parenting, and so much more.

Pilgreen family playbook fall 2015

we did something else this year.

ben's idea.

to pray a specific word over each of our lives.

we sent these words to our parents and have asked them to join us in praying over their children and grandchildren. this also includes our family verses we are learning and both the word and Scripture are beside each of our beds.

words & Scripture for 2015-16 year

this might all seem over the top and it is.

{believe me. i've been out of words for a while on the blog just so we could get this foundational piece made.}

i will forfeit DIY projects and pulling weeds and thumbing through my favorite magazines for a while to see this implemented.

if we get this, we get rhythm.

if we get rhythm, we get to move to a beat that's all our own.

otherwise, we scatter and try to juggle pieces and problems and probably things we were never intended to carry.

this helps us to say yes to what matters

and no to what doesn't align to our purpose and values.

it's a pretty vulnerable place to be, exposing our playbook to you.

but if it helps you find rhythm as a family or an individual, then i'll take vulnerable any day!

leave a comment if you have any questions 
about how we set this up.
 it's been a game changer for us.
and i hope it helps you.