"mom, this pumpkin is too hard.
nothing can get into it."
"sam, some pumpkins aren't ready yet."
"no, mom, it was out ready to pick.
it just refuses to let me in."
sam tries another.
"see how easy this one is, mom?"
with gloves on his hands, sam removes the 'yuck.'
with artistic drive, he cuts two hearts out for the eyes.
a cross out for the nose.
a fish out for the mouth.
two rectangles out for the ears.
he reads to me:
take all my sin away and forgive the wrong that i do.
[clean out the inside]
open my eyes so Your love i will see.
[cut eyes shaped like hearts]
i'm sorry for times i've turned up my nose at what You've given to me.
[cut a nose in the shape of the cross]
open my ears so Your Word i will hear.
[cut ears shaped like the Bible]
open my mouth to tell others You're near.
[cut the mouth in the shape of a fish]
let Your light shine in all i say and do. amen.
[place a candle inside and light it]
"mom, maybe the other pumpkin will be ready someday."
"and just maybe this pumpkin will have some affect on the other!"
a word: teachable moments are as present as your children. may you have insight and wisdom and the creativity to open the mind of yours at home, but beware...there's something in the lesson for all of us.