this whole evening is being planned for every girl, young and seasoned, that calls epic home or is looking for authentic community.

your faces come to mind as our team of ladies prays and plans and get ready for such an amazing night together.

so many names are overflowing my heart as i type to invite you to come.

we see each other on sundays.

she typically sits on the same row with you.

you have kids in the same epic kids room.

you greet together.

you are in the same epic group, but want to know her more.

you love seeing her with her little one.

you so admire how she dresses! and want to know where she shops!

you are convinced you work at the same company as she does, but haven't asked.

you wonder if someone else in your neighborhood is at epic, but how would you ever find out?

you ask, "does anyone else feel this overwhelmed here?"

you have this long list of restaurants that you must share!

you've got questions about being a Christ follower in the workplace and need some direction.

you see a seasoned woman and would love just 30 minutes of coffee with her.

you see the young gals gathering and would do anything to share your wisdom.

together, we know we are more than just one light in this city. in this bay area.

what would happen if we all showed up?

showed up to go deeper than "hi, how are you?"

showed up to chat for more than 3 minutes with a kid on the hip and one around the ankle.

about stuff that truly matters.

what would happen if we saw ourselves as His light in this place?

to imagine radiance filtrating neighborhoods, homes, apartments, coffee shops, hair salons, trains, and buses.

to see ourselves as He sees us.

daughters with a purpose and thriving in a community together for His glory!

that's why you must be at radiant...

an event for women at epic.

doors open at 7 pm

november 2.

we are praying you will come.

sign up HERE.