red light, green light


i can go for blocks in our city with constant going and stopping at octagon shapes nailed to a post on the right.

my brain naturally gets used to the rhythm.

go....stop...go...stop. wait for the other car. go.

so much so that when i come upon a traffic light after a string of the other, i sit at it like it's an octagon shape.

{it usually takes a honk from another car or a kid voice behind me saying, "go, mom."}

i've gotten used to the reds.


i've gotten used to the the stops. the waits.

the setbacks.

the delays.

the unusual and out of the ordinary trials that surface.

so much so that when movement happens, i hesitate.

doubt has become my forefront thought. i'm leery of getting my hopes up again.

which sounds so insane. i've been waiting on this green light. i've been getting prepared for it. i've been praying that change would happen. that movement would happen.

but when you've gotten so used to the reds, it's hard to imagine the green.

and in a strange way, the red becomes comfortably normal and the rare sight of green grows alarmingly nerve-racking.

but when it's green, i want to be ready. and not in a it's-about-time ready, but in a thank-You-Jesus ready.

but today, i sit at red. praying that change is coming.

today, she sits and waits. hoping we are coming.

i've learned much at the red light...

breathe patience rather than jealousy while others move and you wait.

don't lose sight of what's ahead. that's ultimately the direction you want to be going.

be filled with hope. the light will turn.

use the waiting time for good.

the red light doesn't necessarily indicate no movement.

He sees beyond the red light. He is brighter than any light.

i've talked with you. 
there's a dream that's been sitting on your heart and it's lost its beat.
 you've sat at stop too long and are numb to the go sign. 
you've told me your stop came abruptly. 
you weren't looking for it because being in 'go mode' felt good. 
you weren't ready to stop, but it was out of your control.
what does God want to teach you at red? 
what does He want you to do when it's green?
me and you, go when He says go. learn when He says wait.
and whether going or waiting, trust Him with it all.