Saltersville is the new set for our church's Children's Ministry. Second Generation Children's Ministry organizes Sunday mornings with small group time with their age group and large group time with high energy singing and a drama that portrays the biblical truth or Bible verse that has been taught in small group.

We got a glimpse at what Elijah will experience each Sunday as a family last night....and we were WAY IMPRESSED! He can't wait to be there Sunday after Sunday, to feel like one of the big kids, to jump around as he sings, to learn, and to laugh. Just from the sight of things, we know that much preparation went into the curriculum and drama and into the song choices and lessons. Ben and I find it exciting that the book that Elijah will be studying this year is Acts, where he will see how Paul lived his life as a church planter!

Just as last night marked a beginning into Children's Ministry for Elijah, it marked an end to his time in the preschool ministry. Bob and Patty have been his teachers this year and have given their lives to the teaching of God's Word to young children. We have thanked them as much as we know how with our words and are thankful that God will bless them so much more for what they have instilled in his heart. They certainly have added to his foundation!