Sam is four!

Though it can be frowned upon to have a birthday near a holiday, it is working well right now as Sam gets to celebrate his birthday several times with different groups of people.
We took Sam as a family of five to his pick restaurant: Red Robin, on Sunday where he opened presents from his brothers and mom and dad. On Monday night we celebrated with a few close friends, Toy Story style. Sam helped get the party started by decorating the kitchen as the Pizza Planet, the play room as Andy's Room, and the garage as the Star Command Center. We enjoyed pizza, then off to Andy's Room for a memory game with the characters of Toy Story, then to hunt for glow sticks hidden in a dark garage a.k.a. Star Command Center. Then the kids drew their own planets and rocket ships before returning to the Pizza Planet to decorate their own car cakes.
Wednesday, his actual birthday, we skyped with family in Georgia and later arrived in Louisiana for Thanksgiving holidays where Aunt Emily made cupcakes and Sam opened up presents from family.
As mom scratched his back that night in bed, it is hard to believe how fast these 4 years have gone. Full of memories and laughs. We love our Sam!