God gave us creativity when He gave us sam six years ago.
sam sees beyond the ordinary.
sam enjoys art and expressing his imagination through means of paper, glue, scissors, clay, and recycled goods. 
it was only natural for him to have great ideas for his 6th birthday party.

cars was the theme.
stations of various projects was the plan.
home was the setting.
tuesday after school at the brink of thanksgiving break was the time.

it was the homemade, creative, at-home kind of party that made me reminiscent of my childhood birthdays.

the boys and girls decorated car cakes with toppings and a side of chocolate ice cream.

sam is at his best when surrounded by friends.

he loves his friends at school and friends at epic.
it was a delight to have every one of them in our home.

sam's friends know he loves art, legos, and star wars. 

sam received many wonderful gifts from family back east:
cars costume
cars 2 movie
star wars legos and alarm clock, t-shirt
lite brite

the family took him out for pizza and the movie, arthur christmas, the following night. 
birthdays are always a big exciting celebration for us.
our lives are richer because of sam.
he was celebrated, no doubt, and knows he's loved.