it's what happens when the countdown is on. when the goal is in sight. when you can see the finish line.

it works when your heart agrees with the circumstances and finds it way to your muscles near your lips.


in a healthy society, it's contagious. or at the very least, curious...

"what makes you happy?"

"what just happened?"

"what's going on?"


to the three that live under the same roof that i do,

it's a run scored.

it's achieving the ribbon after weeks of swim.

it's being happy to have had such an excellent teacher and coach.

it's an ice cream treat with a friend.

it's performing a song that's required much practice.

it's a bow tie.

it's silliness and childhood at its best.


i ask myself now that one season is over and a new one is beginning,

how will i make the smiles continue?

i'm quite good at running a tight ship at home with meal planning, routine, and chores.

i can give orders naturally and expect respect.

the three are old enough to manage on their own with me maneuvering around them accomplishing my tasks.

i can look at the clock on the stove and dream of bedtime.

i can add an icee to the end of a target run or homemade cookies after dinner.

but you can't buy smiles.

i remind myself, it works when the heart agrees with the circumstances and finds it way to your muscles near your lips.

but then a new season comes and someone else is making the smiles.

oh, that me and you will be the smile makers in our homes.

may the list of what causes smiles on their faces be too numerous to count.

may this be the summer season of fluffing the clothes in the dryer one more time so i can finish reading to them.

may this be the summer season of catching my breath because i can't keep up on the field.

may this be the season of collectively building the most amazing invention.

here's to a new season upon us.

here's to you, the smile makers.