our family came into this sport knowing very little.          the boys had to listen really hard to their coaches.        we asked questions on the sidelines.

 it was all worth it.

sam played 3 on 3 with no goalies and scored almost every game.

his non-competitive love for the game is contagious to his teammates. don't get sam wrong. though the teams don't keep score, sam does!

elijah and sam play with kids from their school. 
both teams, alvarado cougars. 
it's been really fun to get to know the families more outside of school. 

elijah had a coach that believed in him from the beginning. 
he commented on elijah's will and determination.

with that, he was given opportunities to be goalie. 
he stopped many from getting through!

his last game, the cougars won! 

though we were watching two games a saturday,
we've got a third athlete on the rise!