"i will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls." paul said this in his letter to the church in corinth. [2 Corinthians 12.15]

this year, more than ever,
i want to walk in love.
i want to share and sacrifice for others.

friends are asking to come into the warmth of our new home. 
i must open the door.

by the way, we've been blessed to have already had over thirty  friends here thus far. our family can't wait to see how our home is used as a blessing.

moms are seeking stronger, healthier marriages. 
i must encourage, follow-up, and pray.
women long for community. i long for community. 
i must seek it out and let His overflow in my life spill over to others.

if i care for the souls of mankind like Jesus does, His Kingdom will come. 

"our relationships are new and more alive because we are abiding in love Himself and His love is the wellspring of ours." 

[jennifer kennedy dean, He Restores My Soul]