it's the last morning to rise before the sun 
on the atlantic. 
at least for a while.
i sprint. and that's something i rarely do.

my flip flops must wait for me at the edge of the paved road.
the rest by barefoot through the soft cold sand.
i take my seat upon a rock.
 front row.
i look around and i've got the moment all to myself.

the sun rises.
there's evidence.
pinks and purples.
the clouds become the backdrop.

to think this happens every day.
the splendor.
the work God put into creation.
the ushering in a new day.
magnificent beauty not to be taken lightly.

yet quiet.
no sound, yet full of motion and movement.
to think God sets this in motion to happen 
every day without fail.
what a sign of His faithfulness.

my lesson comes in the magnificent waiting.
how often i rise, assuming the sun is already in its place.
it's just another day to get things done.

when daily, Creator God, Loving Father, begins my day
 with a splendid sunrise
to give me hours of daylight 
to accomplish, to serve, to love, to learn.
to bestow grace. to share His story.

the sun is rising.
we're given a new day.
He created the day with glory and splendor.
barefoot or with shoes on,
while the sun is up, 
let's you and me 
live out our day 
just as it began...
faithful and sure.
confident and hopeful.