these pictures aren't pretty. in fact, i debated even putting them here for you to see.

how boring they are.

truth of the matter, systems aren't that pretty either.

{although if you're crafty, you can probably make a cute dvd case or a decorative christmas box.}

but my point is...

systems bring clarity, not cuteness.


save space and recycle by storing kid movies in one dvd binder and your movies in another. besides, this makes it so much easier for the kids to flip through and successfully put them away.

i don't end up with flowers they pick on the side of the road. instead, it's rocks and broken shells. but it's how they hand them to me and say, "this is for you, mom." so i take empty pickle jars and vitamin containers and display their pick-me-ups along the way.

it's not a bulging wallet and the credit card compartments are filled with old hotel keycards.

but it's a place to store their hard-earned money. even at the youngest age, we teach them to value money, save money, and be generous with money.

each child has a box with their ornaments. a box they will take with them into their adult life. {yet they must leave a few homemade ones behind for our tree.} the joy that springs out of the box each Christmas as they are once again reunited with memories of their short-lived lives!

time will tell how well this system lasts and if we can keep them contained in one sterlite tub. with 13 hanging file folders standing at attention, most are empty, yet few are filled with school day accomplishments. each child creates a stack of their drawings, rewards, scraps of paper, reports throughout the year. come summer and the first sign of boredom, we pull out the stacks and begin to sift. and sift greatly. sift down to a few masterpieces that earn their place in the hanging file folder marked for that grade year.

what systems thrive in your home? do tell…
remember systems bring clarity, not cuteness!