tableful {a city thanksgiving}

together, we recently read about the first thanksgiving.


hundreds of years ago makes no difference for the purpose is still the same.

to celebrate what brings us together - the bond of Christ.

that through stormy waters and unknown futures...

through welcoming a new people with strange ways and practices...

blessings can abound when you embrace the uniqueness of what God created in each other.


the diversity present on that november in 1621 was present in our home in 2013.

maybe not the english and native americans. but the koreans, filipinos, latinos, and americans.

a tableful in a home upon a hill in the city by the bay.



my sister graced us from kentucky. she came to give laughter.

she loved everyone like they were her home folk.


ben says that we do mechanics a service by taking our broken cars to them. if we fix our own cars, they miss out on using their gifts! i feel the same way about preparing a turkey. the local chef transplanted from the bayou knows what he's doing. so i let him handle the turkey. fried and all.


ben gave thanks. today was no different from the other days of giving thanks.

for God is so very good.


yet, more came to the table. because their family tables were far away.

because friends living in the city become family sooner than later.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0203 DSC_0204

and with young ones, we don't stay at the table for long.

they rush off to spy on imaginary creatures on the quiet street.

the guys check scores on tv.

the girls compare recipes and traditions.


we had a table full.

a house full.

and my heart was full when leftovers were heated up later in the evening.

and i returned to the table.

no longer a table full.

but tableful.

for in my words, it has been coined as having grateful moments spent around the table with others.

were you tableful on thanksgiving?