tangible grace



tangible grace.

leave it to my pastor husband to utter the words that have echoed from my head to my toes and back up again

for the past 48 hours. God is sweet like that.

tangible grace.

that undeserved gift that you can feel with your fingers.

tangible grace.

it's left on your doorsteps in the form of chocolate goodness.

tangible grace.


tangible grace.

{hum your cell phone chime here}

message appears on your screen and you are being thought of in the moment.

{hum your cell phone chime here again}

another message appears on your screen and you begin to think you're really not alone.

tangible grace.

people praying. holding you up.


remember Moses' having issues with God telling him to go to the most powerful human in the known world?

asking Pharaoh to set the Israelites free?

God didn't have to, but He gave Moses two tangible graces.

his brother {to go with him} and a staff {that stick}.


today our agency will email the most powerful group of humans who can overturn our adoption.

asking them to consider our appeals, our daughter, and in essence, to let her come to us.


God doesn't have to, but He is giving us tangible graces.

these tangible graces seem most appreciated when the faith gap is the widest.


if all i had to do was make a phone call to get this overturned, i wouldn't feel the need for tangible grace.

but there's a big, rather large, watering hole between me and my little girl.

that's just geographically.

what God has called us to do {that's adoption - His heart for the orphans}


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our limited human power {that's us}

leaves quite a bit, rather large, bit of a gap...

for Him to move.

but only God can fill it. only God can make this family of 6 complete.

my pastor husband does it again, and, as if i were the only one in the room, tells me to thank God for the limits i have.

that i can't do it all. that i don't have what it takes.

but He can. He can fill the gap. and in the waiting, He lavishes tangible grace.

be a gift of tangible grace today.

i'm putting an india cookbook in the mail to a friend who longs for her daughter to come home.

receive tangible grace.

and give thanks to the Giver and Creator of it all.

for when that tangible grace comes to you, the giver and receiver

"…will be glad in heart." {Exodus 4.14}