the last song

it was a blogpost day in march of this year, that i penned...

we left the lights on in our family apartment at 351 king street, #113.

we've left the lights on at the w hotel.

we've got the lights on at 543 howard presently and we'll leave them on there too.

i can't wait to turn the lights on at 250 stevenson street.

this past Sunday, we had our final service at 543 howard street.

and it was the most full of thanks and praise moment i've had in this city yet.

this post is interestingly packed with video, audio, maps and pictures.

not how i normally operate in my simple way of life.

{but if you see into my life, there's nothing simple going on. at all.}

i just so much want you to know how beautiful Jesus is in our city.

how He is exalted among His people.

how He was honored in our midst on Sunday.

we've left the lights on because Jesus has met us there.

for what God has done, we gave thanks.

infancy in church planting happened at the w hotel with "wake up calls"  telling us there would be no kid's space or we were bumped to the rooftop for services.

toddlerhood in church planting happened at 543 howard street where milestones occurred every week.


people moving here from all over the world and finding epic.

babies dedicated.

marriages restored.

small groups increase.

mission trips taken.

our church's vision took root in us:

to see an increasing number of people in san francisco orient their entire lives around Jesus.

and for me personally, 543 howard street was the location where our middle son was baptized.

it was the place where school friends experienced church for the first time.

in my darkest moments in life, thus far, it was the place where i could sing in unison with my church family that

"You finish what You begin..."

and "when i'm lost in the madness, You're the peace that calms my soul."

and "we won't move without You."




but at the last song of the last service, i recorded our church family singing so powerfully and gratefully, "Great Are You, Lord."

you have to understand that two of my three kids sing passionately with each song.

you will notice as you listen now.

these were the last words that echoed off the walls of a building God gave us for 3 years.

we leave the lights on there, but asked God corporately to do far more in the new space that will hold double the kids, double the adults.

[audio m4a=""][/audio]

where you attend church, what are you thankful for?

if you've come to epic, what's one of your favorite memories at 543 howard?

 click below to hear the message from sunday.


October 5th, 2014 - Found - Thank you God. from Epic Church on Vimeo.

we've left the lights on because Jesus met us there.

{photos courtesy of my friend, kim etzel}