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today is a big day for 
The Same Page: Living Your Happily Ever After
the book is released to amazon and barnes & noble! 
for the next few days, i've invited some dear friends of mine to share their thoughts about the book.

today, i'm grateful for my dear friend, mandy santos, and her thoughts and reflections. i encourage you to subscribe to mandy's blog at

I've never met a girl who didn't believe in fairy tales, who didn't dream of happily ever after. Shauna Pilgreen and Courtney Bullard have written a beautiful book, The Same Page, that will capture the hearts of women of all ages and inspire them to believe in the dreams God has for them.
This story is told from each perspective- the mom and the daughter, shedding light on how the other thinks and feels.
I read the mother's story first and was captivated with emotion as she and her daughter began to interact. I can imagine those types of conversations one day with both of my girls, and I must admit, it's a little scary. I also read the daughter's story with similar feelings since I remember all too well the feelings of being a teenager, and the feelings of being misunderstood.
Both sides inspire me and challenge me as a mom. As scary as it sounds to have two teenage daughters in the house one day, I'm also excited for the day to come. Resources such as, The Same Page, are such an encouragement to me as a mom and reminds me that God is a God who sees, El-Roi. He knows where we are in every stage of life from childhood to young adulthood to motherhood and beyond.
What I loved most? I loved the notes from the King woven throughout. They pierced my heart and breathed truth into my soul. It's not easy being a mom, it's not easy being a daughter. It is a relationship that demands humility and sacrifice, but it's a gift like no other.
Mom, daughters, I invite you to pick up a copy and find your happily ever after. You can order your copy at AmazonBarnes & Noble, or The Same Page website.