the power of a song {an adoption story}

i decided to hold this post for a weekend when you just might find yourself still snuggled in bed or perched up on the sofa with a cup of coffee. i highly recommend you not read this one on the run!


somehow i heard a song. a beautiful song about adoption.

{these are rare. i think for good reason. it's quite difficult to put words to such a step of faith, yet, indescribable act of God.}

the song, though.

it was a bold move for me, but i tweeted at christy nockels for my memory told me she had something to do with it.

i was astonished to see she tweeted back, tagging someone else who i assumed had something to do with the song.

IMG_4524    IMG_4523   IMG_4525

that very day i connected to laura lyn, who being very gracious, sent me the song. a song written by nathan and christy nockels, friends of theirs, for her family as they were adopting a boy from haiti.

i had no intentions of taking the song that day from laura lyn and walking away, but i certainly wasn't expecting what has now become

the power of a song

one day she gave me the song. the next week? she tells me, "I am standing with you in prayer. He who has begun a great work in you will bring it to completion. Praying for you, your husband, your boys and your K. May The Lord soften hearts and move mountains."

through the quiet months of denial, laura lyn was one of many who prayed and fought with us for k:

"Dearest Shauna, I think of you often and pray for you. I read your blog this morning from my inbox. "Where Are You God?" I've asked Him the same question so much, especially over the last two years. While our family situation and makeup are different, while our adoption stories are different, our God is the same, and He hears our cries...You believe that truth. I believe that truth. Our family has travelled a rugged road with ditches and passes through hell that I would never have imagined. We glimpse a pasture of green, and then the landscape changes to thorns grabbing at our clothing, scratching our arms and legs. How much more do we have to bear Lord? Our story is sordid and painful. I wish I could share a cup of coffee with you in san francisco, but I can't today...maybe one day. What I can do is tell you that you are not alone. This mama hears your mama's heart from across the country."

then she buys earrings in k's honor from Loft218 for Christmas gifts for Jordany's preschool teachers. as sweet teachers do, they took time to write her a thank you...


and still, when the wait won't end and the delays continue and i can barely pray, let alone sing, she tells me,

 I stand believing! We've been iced in for three days here in Franklin. As I wrote in my prayer journal this morning, all I could write about...pray about was you. God has really imprinted you on my heart. Perhaps he has spoken something through me that will speak to you. I will sing for you..


"This morning, this snowy, icy morning, in franklin, tennessee, I lift my voice, my song to you on behalf of K, her mother Shauna, her father Ben and her brothers. I sing on her behalf, on behalf of their family that is not yet whole. Lord, you are the binder of wounds, the healer of the broken hearted. When our song is stuck dryly in our parched throats, only you know the words we long to say yet can no longer speak, much less sing, at the risk of feeling trite, passé or even circumstantially dependent on your will to coincide with the desire of our hearts. Yet it is you who has said that you will bring to fruition the good work that you have begun. How can you begin the good work of adoption, lead a family on the path of obedience and not bring your will to fulfillment...what does fulfillment look like? We know what we want it to look like...completeness...K home with her family before April 7. We want to be the exception to the rule, the case that moved faster, the case that beat the odds, the miracle...yet are not all the cases a miracle? matter the pace, no matter the scope, no matter the hurdles? How about our own case of adoption?....the greatest miracle of all that we would be adopted by you. Yet, we still sit in our humanness, and in our humanness, we are not fully aware of your ability to do the miraculous. We can believe in your power to move mountains. We've witnessed it. We can stand firm in our love for you and in our confidence that you will never leave or forsake us...and at the same time, we can sink to our knees and cry, "Abba, Father, why? Where are you? I cannot see you right now. I can only see the road blocks. Everything about me is too shattered. Give me a reason to sing Lord...even if it is not the reason I so desperately want...Lord, have mercy on me." Father bind satan from the documents, the judges, the hearings, the orphanage, the caregivers, the lawyers, the courtrooms, the country of India...throw him to the depths of hell. Hold him in bondage and release dear "k". Give freedom to the hand of the judge. Soften her heart. Give swiftness to her pen and to the movement of cases and court. Give vision and clarity to those in charge and those wielding power over the helpless, the motherless, the fatherless, the voiceless, the least of these. May your great spirit intervene in a mighty way. I can see the chains loosed. I can see the cords unbound. I can see what you can do because I have seen it before; I have experienced it myself, and you will continue to allow your mercies to be new every morning, your faithfulness to endure forever. On behalf of the Pilgreen family, I beg you Lord, not because I have any power but because you have all of the power, and you deserve all of the glory. Give us a reason to sing. We need to know that you are still holding the whole world in your hands. Please accomplish what only you can accomplish. Bring this baby girl home...soon and very soon, oh Lord. Tightly hold Shauna, Ben, the boys and K in your arms and in your love...never let them go. All praise, honor, glory and power to you alone. Amen"

i replied hours later after receiving an email with news of a potential hearing on march 3. we know now that it didn't happen, but regardless, laura lyn is in this story through the end...

"friend, i was listening to that song "reason to sing" while getting ready this morning, giving God thanks for your steadfast friendship and prayers. i had to sit and read your email with tears stuck in that parched throat you spoke of. then 3 hours later, we just received this email. we are staying guarded about what you will read as it is simply a conversation right now, but God is at work and the enemy is bound for now. and when all of this is said and done, i want you and i and k and jordany and christy to meet up for coffee in atlanta and share this story of 'the power of a song.' love you dearly. keep believing God for this..."

the power of a song

written to raise funds to bring home a boy from haiti, and yet, has created a friendship with someone who's bringing home a girl from india.

and the song has more life to it. as does this friendship.

hold on, precious k, christy is right. laura lyn is right. and hundreds of others. we're on our way...

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