The Surprise

4 days in New York
3 Daughters
2 Celebrate
1 Mom
I don't know how we did this. It certainly helped that we didn't live near each other to talk openly or accidentally in front of mom. We booked the flights together in Katie's living room over Christmas holidays. We made plans via email, texts, and ichat. We kept it a secret from dad, too. Mom was told what to pack and the weather forecast, but that was it. Katie, on the morning of the trip, gives mom an "I Love NY" shirt on the way
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to the airport.

Once in NY, Katie and mom checked their bags into the holding room of the hotel and ventured out for a little while. They returned to check in to the room and guess who was in the hotel lobby? Natalie! Mom never suspected that her other two daughters would be on the trip, despite dad's suspicions. "Natalie has no money and Shauna has no time!" mom continued to say. Well, Natalie had the money! She handed mom a card from me in hopes that it would put me there in 'spirit.'

The three of them ventured out to Times Square and Macy's and returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I was able to get into the room just minutes before they arrived back. We had to be careful of texting too much with each other for fear that mom was watching. I began unpacking my suitcase when it was clear they were walking down the hall. (Malcom girls are not quiet when together.) I quickly dropped to my knees between the beds. Mom opened the door and I jumped up and shouted, "Surprise!" In a state of shock and fear, which is an understatement, mom stood there and gave us all 'that' look! Let's just leave it at she was surprised.
Natalie popped in a homemade NY soundtrack of great movie hits and we got ready for dinner while laughing all the while. Katie handed us all t-shirts we designed to be worn on Friday. We pulled our party boas out of the suitcases. We would hold nothing back as we celebrated our mom's 60th birthday in style!