Their Vacation=Our Vacation

Though Uncle Lee and Aunt Lindsey made a trip to San Francisco for their Spring Break, we certainly treated it as our vacation as well.

[Sam chillin' out in his favorite spin chair at Upper Noe in his
"Today Rocks" shirt from Lindsey]

[Elijah hits it hard and Lindsey captured many other baseball moments as they got to be here for 2 ballgames and the Little League Parade]

[Asher spoke Lee's language every day as he asked him to play baseball, throw baseball, and watch baseball]

[We ate out more than we ate in, but that's vacation right? wink.wink. This little place called Anthony's in the Mission serves fresh cookies and milk. Menu changes daily.]

[We might be the first on their list to see in SF, but Mamma's Breakfast is second, for sure!]

[Lee, Lindsey, and baby at the Pacific Ocean]

We showed them new parts of the city and visited some of their favorites. It was a hard week in ministry for Ben and I. The boys had no idea as they were so enamored with their aunt and uncle's attention. Lee and Lindsey's conversation and encouragement was like a healing balm each night as they allowed Ben and I to vent, chat, and wonder. A few girls in the city took Lindsey out to celebrate the baby in the womb and Ben and Lee got great brother bonding time. We were all very sad to see Lee and Lindsey go. The time was just that rich and fun!