tidbit tuesdays {vol. 2}

a midday conversation with my 7 year old...


me: asher, i think you're gonna be taller than me when you are in high school.

asher gives me a look of shock.

me: you're legs are already so long and you're just 7.

asher: well, of course, i am, mom.

me: what did you just suddenly figure out?

asher: you'll be bent over with your cane.

my turn to give the shocked look.

asher: mom, you know this already. the older you get as a parent, the smaller you become.

me: {still same shocking look}

asher: it's okay, mom. i still have a lot of years left as a kid before you'll need that cane.

me: where are you going to live when you grow up?

asher: grouf-a-land. it's where ralph and billy live. i love grouf-a-land, mom. you'd love it too.

{ralph and billy entered asher's imagination when he was 3 living in the city. he saw them on the muni one day. i met them too.}

me: asher, i had a college roommate who had a stuffed monster named ralph.

asher: mom, that's not right. a monster is not worthy to be named ralph. i can't believe it. she really named her monster that? don't say that again. please.


asher: and mom, thank you for taking me on this date. i know i got tired from biking and wanted to stop a lot. but i'm glad it was just me and you today.

me: i won't forget today. even when i'm bent over.

asher: but know everyone walks straight up in grouf-a-land. so you might want to move there.