tidbit tuesdays {vol. 3}


for over seven years now, my pen pal and i have written one another handwritten notes. all because we were in a Bible study together and she sought me out.

while her address has stayed the same, mine has change six times. bless her!

and her cursive is the most beautiful ever. she uses perfect stationary with her name imprinted on the front center. she addresses the envelope to mrs. ben pilgreen.

she sharpens me to love Jesus more and i watch her through these letters love her husband selflessly and wholly. she cares for her church and the people in her town.

i can count on her to tell me about alabama football and to pat me on the back through her encouragement.

she is in her 80s and i am in my 30s, yet she is one of my dearest.

sweet nanny is what she lets me call her along with her real grandkids and great grands.

oh that i will pour into the next generation like she does for me.

and if you see mrs. peggy white around tuscaloosa, alabama, give her a hug from me.

who's pouring into you?
who are you pouring into?