unexplainables {san francisco}

36 months in may and i'll happily and proudly say my heart has been beating san francisco for such a time.

so in the most polite way i know how, i'm presenting, "san francisco unexplainables."

i'm a learner of the city.

i'm a consumer of the air and food and freebies handed out at random street corners downtown. {consumerism}

i'm a giver to public school education and seeing that more families call this place home. {activism}

i care for this 49 square miles so much that i tell others to come often. {tourism}

i brag that we have the best food on earth. {commercialism}

i have a lemon tree and apple tree and compost. {environmentalism}

i tell people why we live here. {evangelism}

i oooh and aahh when i ascend certain hills that reveal breath-taking views and point them out to the boys who are busy with their bay-area-made-electronics. {i-don't-get-it-ism}

so here are a few idiosyncrasies of our quirky lovable city:

pumpkins, real ones, mind you. still adorn people's front steps....in april.

the sf giants season technically has begun, yet when in the crowd or on the streets, one would think it's the playoffs. there's that much energy and excitement.


car parallel parked on the left. car parallel parked on the right. the road is made for traffic to travel both ways, but how? cars come to a slow 2 mph in hopes they can maneuver just right so as not to take off the other person's side mirrors.


a night stand. a pair of cowboy boots. a pottery barn crib with all pieces and instruction manual. they sit on the curb with a handmade sign that reads, "free" or "please take." it's the bmw that pulls up and scores the find or the jeep that loads up the treasures for a non-profit.

the sun beams a delightful 67 degrees. yet at 4 pm, with the sun still beaming, the temperature is now a chilly 50 degrees.

we're an ocean city, but that's not the main attraction. aside from the vast bridges and those who surf, nothing draws you to the beaches here like other places. yet, this makes them relish in their natural state with no beaming roller coaster or boardwalk.


raccoons live here. and i'm not talking in the thick brush of the presidio, but in apartment complex gardens and our backyard.

carpooling. not like one would think. it's with strangers. business people, those that work downtown, line up on a sidewalk with signs that

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read different areas of the east bay. as cars are headed to the bay bridge, they can pick up people who need rides. this allows the driver to use the carpool lane and gives others a ride. it's brilliant. {a little scary for me though}

another quirky thing about the weather, it can be 70 degrees in the mission and 51 degrees in the sunset. that's why we wear the same thing year-round: layers.

add to these idiosyncrasies or give your explanation for the love of the city 
and the confusion of this georgian-raised nor-cal-livin' gal.