waste [a note to mothers]

"why this waste?" the disciples asked Jesus.
the woman, Mary, took the most precious possession she had and poured it on Jesus. the disciples could think of far greater plans for that perfume. [Matthew 26]

we wallow in the season of raising little ones.
[or at least i do]
we think of that college degree we earned and think,
"why this waste?"
[i know i have thought that a few times]
we think of the clinginess and the wiping of runny noses and hours on the phone waiting for the doctor on call and think,
"why this waste?"
[or maybe it's just me]
we repeat ourselves over and over again to our kids and think, "why this waste?"
our child disobeys, goes behind our back, and we think of the time invested and ask, "why this waste?"

i, like the disciples could think of far greater plans for my life at times. just like the perfume.
in the midst of nursing the baby
midst of folding sheets that were tee-teed on the night before
midst of spilled milk
midst of tattle-telling,
i secretly wonder.

i wonder about the perfume, "was this the intent?"
was it wasted?
what was Mary thinking?

Jesus says to you and me, "She has done a beautiful thing to me. Wherever the Gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her."

she didn't waste anything.
the intent
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was to honor Jesus.

to give Him her very best.
to say, "You're worth it."

as moms, raising little ones, we are not wasting our time.
those precious hours from "mommy, can I get up?" to "mommy, i'm not tired," count.
those hard parenting moments matter.
reading knuffle bunny books for the four hundredth time instead of the latest leadership book is worth it.
[hiding behind the waste]

i want Jesus to say the same to you and me as He did to Mary.
what you're doing as a mom is beautiful to me.
you're not wasting anything.