We're all in this together!

Yes, after the birth of Asher and a recent move to Missouri(less than a week) we are attempting to potty-train Sam. It's definitely a joint effort. Ben calls often from work to see how the process is going and takes over duty when he gets home. Elijah helps by showing how it's done and being content with hanging out at the house for a few days. Asher is sitting in his bouncy seat more than usual since I'm devoting most of my day and attention to Sam.
After two days, Sam stayed dry at night, can pull down his underwear, requires a little help pulling them up, and will go to the potty, sit for a while, then get up and wet his underwear. I know this seems unsuccessful, but the fact that he is even wanting to sit on the potty is HUGE for a very laid-back son. With him going to preschool in the fall, he must be potty trained by June 1. That's why we are working on it now.
It's become a theme of ours that we are all in this together. And if you are familiar with High School Musical, feel free to sing along. But it's the truth. As we embrace a new city, new friends, new church, we are holding tight as a family and walking through this together. As we get adjusted to a new home and new surroundings, we do it together.
Sure, we all have things as a family that we wouldn't change regardless of a new home or new city...the boys' love for music and the Well band and our ritual handshakes and moves as Ben leaves for work!