What will they say this time?

Discussion with Elijah on the way home last night:
Mom, what is the speed limit?
What are you driving?
I'm actually driving 65. I'm driving the speed limit.
Very good, mom. Cause you know if you were driving 67, they'd haul you off to jail!

Discussion with Sam, the closer we got to our neighborhood last night:
You just breaked the law, mom!
Sam, how did I break the law?
You didn't come to a complete stop at that sign. We read a book about Clifford the dog at school and he says we are to always look at the sign and stop all the way. You didn't stop all the way.
You're right, Sam. I sorta paused. I'll STOP next time.

To which, Elijah chimed in:
Mom, who knows if there will be a next time?!