from a hotel conference room to a quaint chapel by the sea, i asked them, “how does sunday at this church look different?”

there’s ladies singing up front.

there’s parking in the grass.

there’s long seats. (pews)

there’s song books in front of us.

where’s their sound booth?

“how are we the same?”

we all give gifts to guests.

the pastor greets everyone that comes in.

we are all at church to worship God.

As a child on vacation, I came to this Jekyll Chapel with my family. In my mind, we came because we were never ever going to miss Sunday church. Now with children of my own, we came to the Jekyll Chapel. Though we had good reason to put on swimsuits instead of Sunday best, I looked my boys in the eyes and said, “People gather all over the entire world today to worship. Some worship in hotels like us, some worship in secret, and some worship in buildings with steeples. The way we worship today will look quite different from our church, but I promise you that you’ll smile just being there and it will be a highlight of your day. We will stay just for a little while, then we can go and play in God’s ocean.”

Hours past. Sun wears our bodies til eyes are hardly open and I ask them, “What was your high today?”

swimming in the ocean.

playing with Emily at the beach.

ice cream cones.

church, remember?