1.29.15 {an adoption update}

we had two hearings yesterday!

and the next one has already been set...



so you're looking at the screenshot of what we see when we check court.

at the top left you will see that our next hearing is saturday, february 7.

at the bottom, you will see the hearings that have happened.

our prayer is that the judge will give verbal approval at this next hearing.

meaning, she will give us custody.

meaning, it will be the last hearing.

then we will wait for this approval to be drawn up into written orders.

{hoping for a valentine's gift from k's country}

written orders are needed by the orphanage to obtain k's passport.

written orders can certainly take a few days.

passport can certainly take a few weeks.

but we know that ben's visa expires on april 7.

continue to pray that we travel by mid-march.


to the best of my ability, i've tried to document this journey to bring k home.

on our trip, i know that if i've got a camera or pen and paper in one hand that i will be missing the moment with k.

and if i'm in the moment with k, i won't have the tools to document the story.

so we're bringing someone along with us for the sake of the story!

praise santos is a uniquely gifted and creative storyteller through the captured moment.

her work is at come plum.

she's a dear friend of ours and we've already journeyed to africa together and share many san francisco moments!

i'm grateful to her for giving up time to drop what she's doing and journey with us to bring k home.

what a gift this will be for k in years to come.

so...we're lining things up.

hearings are happening.

suitcases are coming out of the closet.

we're making deposits in our family and marriage.

we're dreaming about holding our little girl.

one friend told me i'm officially in labor!

i've just got to remind myself to breathe!

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