two years ago this day
we stood inside a large room of a downtown san francisco hotel and waited expectantly for locals to show up for church.
momentum scurried through our veins.
heartbeats reached an all-time high.
my nails bit down to the quick.

flashback - two years ago from that day
God began to write a vision upon ben's heart.
most days with all the faith we could muster up,
we moved forward towards the plan He was showing us.
we packed our van and moved cross country.

flash forward still nail biting days. 
yet soaring on cloud 9 days.
locals came and still come to church. 
no longer a hotel, but a basement of a high rise we use 24/7.
small groups have formed.
linking arms across this city in faith to serve and to share.

today, though
i find myself once again
this time inside my home.
waiting expectantly for a call. 
a match. 
a little girl.
it's how i live out my faith.
holding on to the One who moves heaven and earth.
stepping out believing Him for the impossible. 
i learned that day in the large room of the hotel
that i can live by taking risks
or i can sit on the outskirts and 
watch someone else have a wild faith adventure.
i want to mother a little girl
and hold her and whisper sweet and precious promises 
in her ear as i rock her and caress her hair.
it's risky.
we've put our family out on the edge again.
this time
trusting He wants to use us to call an orphan girl 
daughter. sister.

God is constant faithful.
two years ago.
starting a church.
adopting a precious girl.
the same God is faithful to you.
to the risks He's putting before you.
risk it all.
it's a far better way to live.