that's how many registrations CARA
 (India's Central Adoption Resource Authority) 
will accept at the first of each month.
it's august first.

(American World Adoption)
our adoption agency is up at 1 am EST trying to get our paperwork to India electronically. 

India suffered the largest electrical blackout in history (NY Times reports).
670 million people affected.
roughly 10% of the world's population.
this affects subways, miners, government agencies, trains, hospitals, traffic.
despite the blackout,
CARA is up and running and allowing AWAA to log into the system and potentially register our family for adoption.
the one and true God is in control.

the number of orphans in india. 
most are living in darkness and extreme heat at the moment as power is gradually being restored within the country.
our daughter is one of them.

pray for favor for the orphanage CARA will assign.
pray for CARA to be efficient and proactive.
pray for our daughter.

we'd love to know you are praying.