if i tell you that i've got an adoption update, 
you open expecting new information - the latest news.
for what's an update that repeats what's already been said?
what's an update that makes old news seem new?

i know. we get it.
we want our agency to call with the most exciting news ever.
to hear we've been matched.
that's all we're waiting for.
that's all that has to happen.
to get the ball moving again, for it feels like it's dormant.

in my mind that sees in pictures,
it's as if someone has paused the story taking place in a certain orphanage in india.
she's frozen in time to me.

but on some days, the movie in my mind plays.
it plays life as normal in the orphanage where the staff care for the children and the children run and play. 

but who is thinking of us?
who is looking into the eyes of our little girl and 
thinking of her need for a mom and dad?
that's when the movie gets fuzzy and the disk starts skipping.

i turn my eyes away from the screen in my head
and realize i've been watching something i've created.
fear drives this script. uncertainty its plot.

Abba Father is lovingly caring for her and knows our hearts.
He is active in His love for the orphans.

i know He directs. i pray He will guide the hearts and hands of the orphanage staff. that He will lead them to match us with our daughter soon. that communication will be clear and timely between our agency, india, and our orphanage. 

wherever we are in the movie, the credit roll still plays.
your name is there. 
your prayers are being heard. 
your gift is so appreciated. 

$36,000 to raise and 
$25,850 has been given.