11.08.14 {an adoption update}

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yes, an update indeed!

i was crying so hysterical when i saw it with my eyes and tried to tell ben through the

inhaling and


and blubbering.

we're in court!

our names are on the website!

i've clicked on the website a ridiculously unprecedented amount of times in hopes that our names would be there. i mean ridiculous. and i always justify this habit because it's somehow a way of touching her. after doing so for over 30 days i've come to not expect our names there. hence the hysterical mayhem.

but oh, how we thank God! how we are certain that all along He has been at work when nothing appeared on the screen. our family has been memorizing psalm 121 that declares that He never slumbers nor sleeps which has been a powerful image that regardless of which of the 6 of us is awake, He's awake and which of the 6 of us is asleep, He's still awake!

so here's what's going on:

our case has been filed and registered with the courts there where the orphanage is.

we are waiting to be assigned a courtroom and judge who will hold up to 3 hearings.

typically at the last hearing, the judge issues written orders which gives us full custody of K!

the orphanage takes the written orders and applies for her passport.

that's when we are booking our tickets. that's when we will have a "gotcha day" scheduled.

the infamous question is when will we travel?

if we were to compare timelines to our friends who adopted from this same orphanage, we would be with our daughter on February 19. {i know.}

but we know God is not bound to timelines! so we ask that He shows Himself off magnificent! we ask that He does something spectacularly miraculous and gets lots and lots of glory!

we are hopeful still.

we won't stop praying.

won't stop asking for God's favor.

won't forsake our dreams of holding her very soon.

we will continue to ask you to pray.

we will keep telling how God is the Hero of this redemptive story.

here's what we're praying:

God, have Your presence so thick in the courtroom, the judge's home, the court schedule that every person involved with our case is overcome with compassion to see K home soon and works efficiently.

God, we continue to ask that You show Yourself to K in her dreams so that she sees You, feels Your arms around her, and hears Your truth about who she is.

God, show me and Ben how to make the most of the time we have with our three boys to love and speak into their lives that they are deeply loved as we welcome home another child in a different way.

God, do something so grace-filled and love-strong in all 6 of us.

may our introductions and first days together be unified and healing and miraculous. give our 4 kids an amazing love for one another. may it never be her and them.

prepare her to leave, Father. prepare her to cling to us. help ben and i to capitalize on our last days as the 5 of us.

but we stop right now and PRAISE GOD! for HE is good!

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