from friends in south georgia:
....let's believe together with this sweet family for their adoption miracle. We know what He can do when His people join together, ask, believe, trust, hope. There is a little girl in India dreaming of a mama and a daddy and brothers that she hasn't met yet.....Let's pray her home!
the outpouring of love and words that hold us up.
we were reminded in the past 7 days that we are not on this journey alone.
hundreds of you offered up prayers to our Great God
who is all-knowing and all-loving.
we are grateful.
this just in from our agency on monday:
CARA has announced that they are closing to any new applicants/registration from December 1, 2012 to February 2013  due to “sufficient number of applicants registered for inter-country adoption.” We do not know if this means they will reopen sometime in February or soon after. We do know that last time they closed it took several months longer for them to reopen than originally anticipated. Therefore, we want all families to be prepared for potential delays in re-opening and the unknowns of when that will happen and what new quotas or rules may apply to the process at that time.
what this means for us:
we were registered with CARA on august 1.
we were assigned an orphanage in september.
we are already "in" and are praying daily that communication will open up
between our assigned orphanage and our agency.
ben and i see this as a positive as india is wanting to take care of the adoption applications that are already submitted.
we rejoice that movement is happening.
how it looks and what it means remains uncertain.
we will continue to battle the enemy for the lives of orphans through intercession and hope in our God.
and we especially are battling the darkness for the precious life of our daughter.
pray hard with us that we will be matched soon.
and know we are always encouraged to hear you are praying.