5 reasons to learn to love where you live

look around you.

is the place you are sitting brand new with the price tag still on?

is it where you've grown up, thought you'd leave (maybe you did) and are still living there?

maybe the idea hasn't occurred to you that where you live is important to who you are becoming and to the Kingdom of God. 

i have a growing love for where i live. it wasn't love at first sight. and if i'm not careful, i can get bogged down in what i don't like and what frustrates me. but God has a plan for me. for you. for the places we call home. 

consider these thinking points: 

5 reasons to learn to love where you live

  1. it is where you get to practice loving kindness.
  2. it is the very people you get to point to God.
  3. it benefits your neighbors.
  4. it is where God desires to grow you.
  5. it is your children’s childhood. 

5 ways to learn to love where you live

  1. shop at the newest store in town. then use social media to promote their business.
  2. host an international student for dinner.
  3. get outside and watch the sunrise or the sunset.
  4. buy coffee for the person in line behind you.
  5. pray that God will give you a heart for your town and the people. 


5 ways i’m learning to love where i live

1. we went to our friend’s home for dinner. they live right next door to pinterest.

2. the kids played ninja warriors at south park and the adults were doing the same thing on the same structure.  

3. we’re eating more plants. sautéing more veggies. dipping those veggies in hummus.

4. our neighbor shares her plums with us by the bagful while at the same time giving us her updates on her grandkids. 

5. we get to be family to our friends and bring them chocolate in the hospital after they deliver their second child.


your turn. what have you done recently that makes you love where you live? what's a way you're going to try today?