have a cup of tea with me and let's talk platform

if we could sit down and have tea and you share with me what you are learning, then i’d take a turn and tell you my heart's yearnings.



recently i read tweets and scrolled through insta-photos and wondered if it’s worth it. to be liked and popular on social media? my gut doesn’t want that to be my platform. i want to love well and be highly liked in my own home, in my city, and among my faith community. ultimately, i want to be most known by my Father — to receive His wisdom, go where He’s going, love like He loves. 

i read proverbs 31 for the bazilyionth time. she’s a busy woman! and maybe this is her busy season, but regardless, she’s got her hands in many things in order to provide good for her family. she can’t have a lot of free time on her hands, but chooses to use her time smart. i love that so many action verbs are in this proverb. have you noticed that? she’s a doer, go-getter, influencer, culture-shaper. 

she has a family. interestingly, the writer says her husband is known. but if you think of all the people she encounters, she’s known too — the maidens, merchants, real estate agents, gardeners, the poor, students, her children and her husband. and if he talks well of her, then the elders of the land know her as well.

so what do we want to be known for? charm? the end of the chapter says it’s deceitful. beauty? it’s vanity. fearing the Lord? that’s to be our aim. it’s Him we seek as our guidance. 

He needs to be my reason for tweeting, posting, speaking, writing, buying, selling, giving, caring, loving, and teaching. not to charm people or compete with people or try to win people, but to lift Him up so that others are drawn to Him. 

i just reread mark 14:3-9 about the woman anointing Jesus with the precious and costly perfume. she did this because she loved Him - not for show or photo-worthiness, nor to gain a network of followers, but Jesus only. because she feared Him not, what she did has been told around the world. do we want to be known for our charm? beauty? or fear of the Lord?

self has to be crucified to seek Him. Spirit to Spirit must be alive and awake for me to respond to Him.

Father, i die to my desires and my will today. i honor You. i come under Your Lordship, Your leading. i choose obedience in this hour so that the rest of my hours today are wrapped in this pre-determined act of worship. amen.