1 must-do can-do summer activity

what are you doing this summer?

when we chat about the summer, we are quick to highlight vacations and travel. but what are you doing when you're at home? 

i know what we're not doing - letting the screen lull us to lethargy, fearing the fog in our city, nor eating our way through the pantry and fridge. in fact, i'm making a "kitchen closed" sign as you are reading this! 

i’m giving away a summer series grid i created with minimal instructions and maximum creativity! if you missed it, you can click here to get the free download delivered as a pdf to your inbox. 

kids climbing over the rocks at the beach

print it out, hang it on the fridge, scribble in your names as you discover your town an the people anew! it’s a starting point that will unleash our creativity with our family and friends this summer! 

let's be crazy and not go in any particular order! we all get points for this! make it a game. do this with a small group or the kids in your neighborhood. awesome if you complete all 12, but more awesome if you learn to love where you live in the process! 

here's what i'll do:

for the next 12 weeks, i'll write about each idea in a short post. not as an expert, but as someone learning along the way, with stories and a passion for where i get to live. not because this place is perfect either, but because it's becoming home. 

next week, I'll add a supply list for the SUMMER SERIES GRID and tell you about the party we'll have together at the end of the summer! you can go ahead and start your planning and calendaring, you over-achiever you. 

here's what i'd love you to do: 

leave comments. i promise you've got good ideas and great stories. 

post pictures on social media with #lovewhereyoulive. i'd love to post them here on the blog. 

and invite your friends to join in on the fun! click the {share} link below.