surprise the people in line behind you {a summer series}

Surprise the people in line behind you.

    you’re already in line for your shave ice, frappe, ice cream, coffee, or funnel cake. go ahead and surprise the ones in line behind you. simply turn and ask what they want and that you’re covering it! it’s like you just gave them the moon or something similar!

asher with serious face eating shave ice

on college road trips in the northeast, my roommates and i would pay the toll for the car behind us. (not sure with what money!)  try this at the drive-thru. tell the employee that you want to pay for your order and the order of the car behind you! 

not only are we wanting to love where we live, we want those who live around us to do the same. small acts of kindness can snowball into a city affected with love and a respectful awareness of others. 

just imagine if this one act causes the recipient to do the same for the person behind them and so on. dozens, if not hundreds of people in your town will smile bigger and have put others first today! that's how we love where we live! 

keep a $20 bill on you this summer for this purpose only! tell us how it goes!

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