learn a bit of history {a summer series}

learn a bit of history. ask a few questions.

where i live is practically an infant compared to where you might live. ben and sam went to rome this june and sam uses the "mind blown" fingers over his forehead to show me just how old rome is in comparison to the united states, let alone, san francisco! 

San Francisco City Hall

but as long as we can explore yesterday, we can learn a bit of history!

you might have to venture out of your city limits to do some exploring, but don't forget about the cemetery, the library, the first church in town, the city hall or courthouse. this is a great excuse to play tourist and visit the museum or historical site in town. and the best place to learn a bit of history is from your fellow citizens. 

allow your kids to ask someone older what it was like to grow up in this town. make plans to visit the nursing home or befriend an older person on your street. watch them beam to see that you are interested in learning from them. 

our french neighbor tells us stories of blessing people at the local hospital by serving them communion and what life was like in the south of france. 

our chinese neighbors tell us of immigrating to the united states and raising their boys here.

we recently stepped inside a coffee shop and met the brazilian owners. we asked how they started their business. it is fascinating to hear how we can be neighbors and have such different experiences in life. 

every tuesday at noon and every saturday at 10am, our ferry building does historical tours for free. where can you go? maybe you're the one who can lead the tours! 

my friend, candace, led me and some girlfriends into a mediterranean market, old jerusalem restaurant, and  we peered into a chinese restaurant that hasn't updated its building in decades but is one of the most popular restaurants in the city! 

check out books from the library on your town and people.

give this some thought. we are such a forward thinking people with a lost art of who went before us and what they did to pave the way for our freedom and rights. 


what will you explore? who can you learn from? 

post in the comments and on instagram. your thoughts will spur us on.